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Eight Month Outtakes

26 August 2013

Eight months (and nine days, now) old.

There was a new baby at church yesterday and I know people always say, “I can’t believe mine was ever that small!”

But I really couldn’t. I was sure this was a tiny baby. I asked her mother, as we sat in the Moms-And-Babies room watching the sermon on the big teevee, how big she was when she was born. That baby was born bigger than mine, and that was a few weeks ago.

So yes, brain, the Meatball was that small once. Smaller, even.

I feel like if I say, “It goes so fast,” or agree with other moms who tell me that, I should earn Time Pause points, or something. 

Like it should only go so fast for the mommies who don’t really believe it, and that’s why they’re so surprised when it does. But for those of us wise enough to say, “I know. I know!” so that we’re not surprised by it … it should go less fast. If I acknowledge the surprise at the start, that makes it not a surprise, that means the thing that was going to surprise me should not surprise me … by not happening.

Makes total sense.

I just haven’t gotten it to work yet. Eight months.

Outtakes 10

Husband wasn’t home, but a friend came over and stood guard. ‘Cause, as I mentioned last time, he likes to try to throw himself off the chair now. Sit still? Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!

It goes so fast. It goes so fast. It goes so fast.

(I’m going to keep trying.)

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