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Five Month Outtakes

22 May 2013

The Meatball is five months old already!

It doesn’t matter how many times someone says, “It goes so fast,” I’ve decided it’s impossible to brace for.

At five months old he’s humongous and he weighs a ton. Those are the basics.

He’s in 3-6 and 6-month clothes. We’ve actually had to purchase clothes finally, because most of the stuff we have that he fits into is for babies in Alaska to sleep in. Here in northern Illinois we’ve skipped spring (or it just rained the WHOLE time), and moved right into 80/90-degrees and full-on humidity. So we met the nice ladies at our local baby consignment shop. (Super cute)

No teeth yet, but if he’s not cutting them as we speak … he’s adjusting poorly to the hot humidity. IDK which it is. Or if it’s a growth spurt. Or sleep regression. Or some new way that I’m traumatizing him for life as a new mommy who has quit reading the advice columns.

He’s been a little cranky the past couple of days.

Not that you’d know it from these pictures. The only problem we have with these now is that he’s so used to being photographed, he mostly just sits patiently until it’s over. Which is nice, but also makes for less hilarious outtakes. But here they are anyway: 

Outtakes 5

He’s still looking ginger, which I love. His eyes are still pretty dark most days.

He rolls from back to front more than the other way, although he can … I’ve seen it. He also found his penis a couple days ago, which – combined with the rolling – make for really eventful diaper changes these days.

And yes, Husband taught him how to blow raspberries. As if he didn’t drool enough already.

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