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She Liked ALL the Flowers

17 June 2018

Saturday afternoon I sat on my grandparents’ back porch. Alone. Watching birds dart between the trees and sunlight fade to a golden glow and leaves bob in the occasional breeze.

After five days and scores of photos. After hours of smiling and shaking hands and being Amy’s daughter (and much bigger than the last time they saw me). After lunch in the church hall, a failed nap, a house full of other people’s old friends, another failed nap, and a dinner of everything that so many wonderful people brought by over the previous several days, I sat on the back porch alone. And quiet.

My Nana loved that porch.

They had it built after they bought the house. Or they had it finished and screened in, I don’t really remember. It presides over a backyard Eden, and my Nana loved to sit out there and just look at her garden.

I sat there for the better part of 30 minutes hoping that if I sat still and kept quiet I wouldn’t scare it all away: the rose bushes, the rabbits, my memories.  Read more…

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday! (And Other Fun Things)

5 June 2018

It’s the first Tuesday of June, which means it is officially T-Shirt Tuesday and there is a new shirt at! There were some requests for long sleeves, so this one is available short or long.



If you’re not familiar, we’re running a T-Shirt Of The Month for 21 days every month, because my husband is an amazing artist and they don’t cost us anything if they bomb. So they’re a kind of constant, secondary, behind-the-scenes fundraising effort. The latest will always be at, so save that URL and check on it when your wardrobe starts looking shabby. More details are here.

Fundraiser: Cards for a Cause



Our Usborne friend hit me up about this awesome fundraiser that they do: Cards for a Cause. These are four different boxed sets of high-quality, hand-crafted, and individually wrapped greeting cards for birthdays, congrats, engagements, weddings, thanks, and more. There are 30 cards in each box, and each box sells for just $30.  Read more…

I Am the Lucky One

30 May 2018

One of the training courses we completed for this adoption was all about how to deal with being a fairly conspicuous, multi-ethnic family. Part of the training was about how to respond to people’s comments about your family.


multiracial family


The voice on the other end of the pre-recorded webinar went through dozens of hypothetical scenarios, and gave a few examples of different kinds of responses every time — and when/with whom to consider each kind of response, etc. And when we got to the, “He’s so lucky to have been adopted into your family!” comment, I knew what the “less confrontational” answer option would be.


“Yes, we’re lucky to have each other.”


Because I’ve heard this answer before. It’s a lovely sentiment and I’ve already used a future-tense variation of it on several occasions, because I like it and it’s legit.

But now I really get it.  Read more…