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The ‘Family’ Art Show

23 May 2018

It was aptly named. I thought Husband was being a little lazy about it, honestly, at first, but man – was it aptly named.


family art show window


We felt the love, guys. Seriously.

To The Artists

A huge, massive thank you – again – to all the artists. We were absolutely blown away by how many people jumped in, and then went above and beyond.



I’ve told this story countless times, but I’ll tell it once more: When we started trying to put this together, we had the idea to ask a bunch of people if they would be willing to donate art. That way, if about half of them say, “Yes!” we’ve got a decent show.

Because people are busy, and we totally get that. These people have families and most of them have day jobs. It’s a huge thing to ask for this kind of draw on someone’s time. Additionally, many of them are trying to make it as artists – to make enough money so they can quit their day jobs. It’s another huge thing to ask someone to give away their livelihood. We would have 100% understood and supported anyone who said they just didn’t have time, or just couldn’t afford it.

But no one did. Not one.  Read more…

An Unexpected Mother’s Day Gift: 2 More Moms

14 May 2018

“I didn’t expect today to hit me from so many directions, but the adoption process has left no part of life untouched.”


mothers day ig


I expected next Mother’s Day to be revolutionary. I expected that next Mother’s Day I would look at my two boys with wonder and awe and gratitude that I can’t even imagine today. I expected that next Mother’s Day would be the one that was totally different.

But as I sat yesterday morning and thought about the moms in my life, I realized that there are, suddenly, two more.

+1 Mom

I still can’t tell you my Chinese son’s story, ’cause he’s not officially mine yet, but then there’s not much that I actually know about these women.

The first, of course, is his birth mother. We don’t know her, and we probably never will. We don’t know her situation or very much about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.



But I do know that she carried my son safely for nine months, and I know by experience that is no small task. I know that she chose to protect him, rather than take the free abortion service the Chinese government would have provided. I can’t tell you how yet, but I know that as she held him in her arms, she loved him. And and I know that she made probably the hardest decision of her life to do what she thought was best for him.  Read more…

China’s Orphan Boys

8 May 2018

When we decided that God was calling us to find our son in China, I was a little surprised at the enthusiasm from advocates and consultants. Of course they’re happy to work with anyone who wants to adopt at all, but we quickly learned we were in a kind of minority as a family who wants to adopt a boy from China.


chinese orphan boys


And two facts got stuck on repeat:

  • Most (about 75%) of the orphans in China are boys.
  • Most of the international adoption community wants to adopt girls from China.

It is such a reality that we soon discovered that even though we’re working from a very short list of medical conditions we feel we can take on (because we both work and we don’t have stellar health insurance), our expected wait time to be matched with a child might still be shorter than we expected just because we want a boy.

And no one really knows why.

China’s Orphans

In recent years, China has reported that they have about 600,000 orphans, but other sources estimate the number is closer to one million.  Read more…