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Monthly T-Shirt

No shirt for you!



How It Works

The skinny:

  • T-Shirt Tuesday – A new shirt will be released on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • 21 days – Each shirt will be available for 21 days, and then it’s gone forever.
  • One URL – You can always find the current shirt at, so save that link! (Unless it’s day 22+, then the link takes you … here)
  • 100% to adoption – All of our profits from these shirt will help us pay off adoption debt.

(One catch: Each design has to sell at least five to get printed. Not my rule.)

We’re still going to run, and probably prioritize, other fundraisers, but these will always be running in the background. Because my husband is an amazing artist. And because, while our first t-shirt attempt bombed, we learned that the campaigns are easy to set up (especially with an amazing artist in-house) and it doesn’t really cost us anything to bomb. So if a few people get cool shirts and we earn a few extra dollars to help bring our di-di home every month, everybody wins.

What if I Missed It?!

You missed it. Sorry. But don’t worry! We’re working on the next one, which will drop on the next first-Tuesday, so mark your calendar!

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