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We’re adopting!

It’s most of what I write and post about, because it’s taken over my life, but I wanted to create one place that collects it all – or, at least, the basics. Here we are.

The announcement:

(It’s clicky. I hate the way IG’s embeds looks, so if you want to see the real thing … it’s clicky.)


Adoption FAQs

The answers, anyway:




Yes, cripplingly expensive.

The rest of the FAQs are here: “Adoption FAQs


December Fundraiser

We sold out of 30 button sets in November, for National Adoption Month. So we have a new thank you for gifts of $30 or more given in December! There are only 12 of these dudes …

adoption fundraiser

Every Christmas tree needs a panda, amiright? These cutie pies are hand-painted on glass, so each has its own little personality.

*Please note: These are glass. If you’re local, we’ll get together and I’ll bring you one. If you’re not local, maybe think about some extra dollars for shipping and please don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t make it. I’ll pack it as best I can.


Want More?

The complete collection of adoption-related posts is here, including …


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