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We’re adopting!

It’s most of what I write and post about, because it’s taken over my life, but I wanted to create one place that collects it all – or, at least, the basics. Here we are.

The announcement:

(It’s clicky. I hate the way IG’s embeds looks, so if you want to see the real thing … it’s clicky.)


Adoption FAQs

The answers, anyway:




Yes, cripplingly expensive.

The rest of the FAQs are here: “Adoption FAQs


Fundraiser Fun!

We’re bringing back vintage luggage labels this month.



The skinny:

  • You can sponsor a sticker for a July donation of $30 or more.
  • If you’re local and you want to sign it, we’d love that. Also happy to sign your name(s) to it for you.
  • Goal: 50 stickers by the time we wrap it up at an event the first weekend of August!

The sidebar image will be updated every week (or more) to keep you updated! If you give online, please let us know:

  1. Which sticker you want.
  2. If you want me to sign your name, and what name to use (if it’s different from you account).

Sticker options:

china suitcase stickers

Top row: Guiyang (Jude’s city), the Temple of Heaven, Panda
Bottom row: The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace

The full story is on this blog post.



  • There are still a few pieces left over from the Family Art Show that we popped up in May. You can see them all on Instagram.
  • T-shirt Tuesday hit a technical glitch this month. Hoping to get it up on the 10th, otherwise we’ll skip July. 😦


Thanks to friends, grant organizations, and event sponsors!


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