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How To Make Cute BabyLegs

16 May 2013

These couldn’t be easier, and I am no kind of seamstress. If I can do this, trust me, you can do this.

My mom knit a pair of baby leggings for The Meatball a couple of months ago, and I was like, “… leggings? Isn’t that a little feminine? And a little ’80s?”

But apparently Nana is a bit of a baby fashionista because now I see them everywhere – Etsy, mommy forums, the cloth diaper store in the next town. They’ve completely grown on me. They’re stinking adorable, AND – come on – they make diaper changes one step easier. (Which is especially nice now that diaper changes involve wrestling as well as stripping, wiping and dressing. I might not have been so encouraging about this rolling over thing had I any kind of foresight.)

But $15 to 20 is a lot of money for baby leg sleeves, and in my searching I found super easy DIYs for making them out of knee-high socks.

Baby Legs 1Is this kid a ham or what? Where on earth does he get that?

I should have taken my own pictures and re-designed my own instructions with my own URL/name on them to drive traffic and be a stats hog and all that … but this one is cute and easy to follow and what I used, so here you go: 

babylegs_tutorialIt’s this easy:

  1. Get you some adult knee-high socks.*
  2. Cut off the heels and toes. (I started with a pair of striped socks too. Not on purpose, but it helped. Tip for you.)
  3. Turn the foot pieces inside-out, and sew a line down the long edge, about 3/4″ from the edge. This makes them narrower, so the cuff is tighter.
  4. Now fold each foot piece in half, inside itself, with the right sides on the outside, to make your cuffs.
  5. Rotate the cuffs so the rough edges are lined up with the rough edges on the long pieces. Slide the long pieces inside the cuffs, so you have three rough edges (two from the cuff and one from the long piece) lined up at the bottom. Sew around those edges to attach the cuffs.**
  6. Flip the cuffs right-side-out and you’re done!

I love that I can be a total slob with my sewing machine, and still make this work beautifully.

Baby Legs 2

My two comments:

* This is harder for boys, which is lame. A lot of the knee-high socks at my local Target store are pink-ish, but you can bet I’m on the look-out now, where ever I go.

** This is the hard part. Socks are knit, so those edges will curl. I uncurled and pinched one spot together, stitched about an inch, paused, uncurled and pinched, stitched, etc.

Baby Legs 3

I paused after the first one because Meatball was demanding second breakfast, but the whole project couldn’t have taken ten minutes. Love it.

Got a baby rocking some babylegs? Link to a picture in the comments, or post it to our Facebook page! I’d love to put a bunch together and post them. Let us know if you made them yourself, or if you scored some cute ones for purchase.


(One more picture and then I’ll stop.)

Baby Legs 5

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  1. Lex permalink
    16 May 2013 4:20 PM

    Posting links on behalf of some Instagram mamas who tagged me!

    @mother_california made some argyle ones for her little man:!/photo/ig-457196811270544996_54868638

    @happyemjo’s little Harper is looking tres chic too:!/photo/ig-457320632225645720_8929368

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