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Two Month Outtakes

22 February 2013

(Sorry I’ve been a little absent this week. Meatball got a bit of a cold Monday-ish, and he’s been super clingy in recovery … which I totally understand, ’cause I’m that way when I’m not feeling well too. I hate to be put down and I refuse to sleep unless I’m on someone … mmkay, maybe I’m not exactly like that.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw our official “Two Months” pic. I love these little photo shoots. Set up the baby, slide backwards across the dirty kitchen floor, line up my little iPhone frame, tap as many pics as possible before lunging forward to nab the slouching/tipping baby.

So there are, of course, outtakes.

Outtakes 2

I really wanted to do more of him “standing” against the back of the chair, but it made me so nervous to be more than an arm’s reach from him like that. And the last two? Yes, he really did, ironically enough, catch sight of the ceiling fan in the bedroom.

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