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September Campaign: India

21 August 2013

Charity:Water – the organization that I mentioned Monday – officially launched their September Campaign today.

Charity:Water started when the founder used his 30th birthday – in September – to raise money for clean water. They raise money year-round now, but the September Campaign is always the highlight of the year. (Although I don’t think you have to have a September birthday anymore to start a September Campaign.)

This year the September Campaign focus is India, and I’m just in love with India already. I couldn’t be happier to give my 30th birthday away.

I really like that the Gram Vikas gets the whole village together to participate in building the outhouses and the shower facility. The observation from the older man at about 6:30 almost brought tears to my eyes,

In our village, after the Gram Vikas program started, untouchability disappeared. 

The caste system mindset in poor, rural areas of India is devastating , but so easily overcome. Gram Vikas works in Orissa State in India, which is also a hotbed of persecution against Christians. If the whole village has to come together – rich and poor, Hindu and Christian – social equality starts to take hold.

This is how Gram Vikas works in a village: 

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 2.30.38 PM

That’s amazing. Most of the poor villages I have been in, in India, had water, but it was a central well in the village. Those wells are amazing; they bring life and turn things around for a whole village. But clean, safe, running water in everyone’s home is huge.

On Monday, I asked for 30 gifts of $30 for my 30th birthday. If we can do that, we will give two families in India clean water – in their homes. 

Two fathers will be healthy enough to work consistently and provide for their families. Two mothers will have more time to work from their home, or raise their children. Kids will be healthier, and little girls will be able to stay in school. Fewer babies will die.

Can we do this? If you can’t give $30, can you give $3? Click here to make it happen.

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