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Adoption Update: Waiting, Paperwork, and a Great Movie Night!

11 December 2017

There is so much hurry-up-and-wait.

For three months, we worked as fast and as much as we could to gather paperwork and complete online training and meet our social worker.

And now … we wait.

I finally got the last piece of paperwork required for the home study over the weekend, and scanned and sent it off to Meredith (our lovely social worker). So now we wait for the home study report. Everything else is waiting on the home study report.

  1. Next is the pile of paperwork that goes to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), which is just waiting on a copy of the home study.
  2. Then that pile goes in the dossier — the pile going to China — which also needs just a couple more things that will hopefully be finalized this week.

And the grant applications, of course, are also waiting on the home study.

So we’re waiting.

Home Study GIF Game

While we wait, I’m turning the home study into a fun game on Facebook. You get to answer some of the questions we had to answer, but — because I desperately wanted to do this, but couldn’t — you get to answer in GIFs (only).

Once question comin’ at ‘cha per week, which means we could keep this up for something like 57 years. Rough estimate. Follow the page and play along! 

Movie Night Success!

Also have to give a huge thank you to everyone who did the movie night fundraiser with us. Not a huge turnout, but Decembers are busy for everyone. Totally get it. Those of us who were there had a good time with cute kids and a movie that is still laugh-out-loud funny no matter how many times you see it.

The raffle baskets turned out AWESOME. Another digital high five to Hope Expeditions, ReFind Design by Coco Clare, and Purejoyink for providing such sweet stuff.

We’re definitely doing to do another event in February, for Chinese New Year, so if you’re in the area, put us on your dance card. We got dibs on your Chinese New Year schedule … which I’m sure will not likely be contested for most of you.

Next Steps and Prayer Requests

Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Waiting on the home study
  • Tracking down one more really elusive piece of paper
  • We have a book we need to read and a worksheet that we need to fill out.
  • Fundraising – Still have some ornaments left for December

For those of you remembering us in your prayers: a thousand thank yous. We definitely need it, and we definitely feel it. Current prayer requests:

  • Faith and peace — We trust Him, but it’s a bumpy road to say the least.
  • The home study — that Meredith loves us, and the report is everything it needs to be as quickly as possible.
  • The police report – It’s a very specific report that China requests, that doesn’t really exist here, so I need an amiable P.D. administrator to create it for me. I’ve been to two local P.D.s on three occasions and really nobody wants to deal with it. Pray for favor and a really nice receptionist.
  • Our boy — Would love for everyone to join us in praying for our new one, wherever he is, and for the people taking care of him until we can bring him home.
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