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New Donation Gifts for December!

4 December 2017

We sold out of button sets during National Adoption Month last month, so we have a new little thank you for adoption gifts of $30 or more given in December!

panda ornaments

C’mon. These guys are pretty cute.

They are hand-painted, glass ornaments. Which means each one has its own little personality, and that they are breakable. I only did 12 ’cause these will probably be for local friends.

If you’re not local and you really want one (I don’t blame you), pretty please consider adding a few more dollars for shipping and a prayer for divine protection. I will pack yours as carefully as possible (read: as carefully as I can afford), but – again – glass.

I also only did 12 ’cause I get that there are a lot of demands on everyone’s finances in December. Gifts aside, there are also a lot of charitable causes that offer tax deductions, and they’re all making their “end of the year” pleas to help us optimize our taxes for next April.

So if a dozen of these little dudes find Christmas trees to adorn this month, I’ll be pumped. (And if they don’t all find homes, Man Cub will be pumped, ’cause he really wants to keep all of them.)

You could consider it a Christmas gift given to a sweet little Chinese boy halfway around the world.

You could make it part of your Christmas/Advent tradition. Use it as a tool to talk to your kids about how adoption is laced throughout the nativity and the incarnation: A carpenter adopted a baby boy, and through that child our heavenly Father adopted us Gentiles into His family.

You could make it a reminder to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters — in China and around the world — during the Christmas season. The Church often makes an extra effort to assemble for worship during Christmas and Easter holidays, and violent attacks and/or arrests often escalate as a result.

Or it could just be a super cute panda on your tree, smiling at you ’cause you helped save a little dude from a Chinese orphanage (and, probably – statistically speaking – a life of homelessness thereafter).

We’ll have these guys with us on Saturday at the movie night, or you can reserve one now via PayPal.

Merry Christmas!

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