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Adoption Update: Physicals, Home Studies, and Fundraising

22 November 2017

Hey, friends. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a simple update. (I can always tell, ’cause I start to get more questions IRL. Ha.)

Physicals (aka Blood-Letting)

We all had to have physicals. Man Cub’s was easy and he aced it. All 41 pounds of him.

A week later, Husband and I went back for physicals and all the blood, disease, and urine tests.

And I passed out.

I knew I probably would (’cause I always do), but I was hopeful I could hold it together.

Dr. Paul knew I was a risk (to myself), so he laid the table all the way down. Husband held my legs up. I didn’t look. I took deep, calming breaths. Dr. Paul slid the needle into my vein and asked distracting questions like a pro, and then cotton-swabbed my elbow and I felt great!

And then he stuck me with the T.B. test. And that kind of hurt, but I was still conscious and feeling like a freaking rockstar.

And then I sat up. Which was the wrong thing to do.

I think I only actually lost consciousness for a fraction of a second, but they laid me back down. And got water. And held my legs.

And then I was okay.

I sat in the chair so Husband could have his turn, but then Man Cub was interested in what was happening (since it freaked me out so much). I curled up in the corner and pulled my furry hood over my head, but I could still hear them talking about needles and blood and then I wasn’t okay.

Different exam room. Different table. More water. Ugh.

In the end we’re totally fine. Low Vitamin D and Husband has a few too many lipids, but nothing drastic. We’re good.

Home Study Meetings

You read about how we messed up the first one. Fortunately the last two were at our house, so at least we couldn’t be late. 

And they were fine. Meredith is lovely and very sweet. On paper, the home study interviews seem like horrifying things, but they’re really not.

And I knew they weren’t really about our physical home – because I had a freak out moment a month or so ago about our old house that always needs repair of some sort and I started Googling home studies – but it’s really not. She walked through the house one time, which takes all of five or ten minutes in our little house, and that was it.

It was mostly just talking. About us. Which is kind of awkward.

In the last meeting she asked about how we met, and we chuckled. And then she asked what attracted us to each other, and we chuckled again. And then she asked about the proposal and I groaned and Husband chuckled. And then she asked about the wedding day and I started to chuckle and then stopped, “Why is everything a weird story with us?”

She tried to have a short interview with Man Cub, but he was feeling shy that day and she didn’t get much out of him.

There are a couple more pieces of paper we need to turn in. And a book we need to read (there are worksheets). And then our new friend Meredith has to read it all, and all her notes, and the 32 pages of autobiography we collectively submitted, and write her report.

So we’re mostly waiting.

But this is a huge thing. The home study is one of four tabs on my spreadsheet of documents to gather and submit. This will be the first big check mark.

And it’s the one that all the others are waiting on. Everything else needs to include a copy of the finalized home study, because without it we’re not really adopting — we’re just spending a lot of money investigating the opportunity.

It’s also required for grant applications.

I don’t have any reason to suppose it didn’t go great, and we wouldn’t be approved — she even said, when she left last Sunday afternoon, “I’ll probably be the one to do your post-adoption visit when you get home …”

Not that I’m going to not worry about it for however long it takes …


So many feels of so much love during National Adoption Month. You guys are amazing.

We asked if 30 friends could donate $1/day ($30) during National Adoption Month, and so many people already have (and some more than $30 … you know who you are). A thousand thanks to you all.

And it’s not too late if you want to get in on the fun. I’ll send you a super cool one-inch button set for any gift of $30+ this month! All the cool kids have these buttons. Srsly. (Just include a note with your mailing address.)

AND we’re still planning a fun movie night for Saturday, December 9. [Facebook Event] If you’re in the Elgin, Illinois, area, please join us! Admission is a donation of your choice. We’ll watch Kung Fu Panda, eat Chinese candy (and popcorn), and raffle off some super awesome gifts/prizes! Check out the Adoption page for a list of small businesses who are donating either entire baskets and/or some sweet merch to go in them! (And let me know if you want to be among them.)


That’s where we’re at. More paperwork, more training, more waiting, but with a huge milestone on the near (hopefully) horizon!

For the how-can-I-help-ers:

  • Pray. Pray for the home study. Pray for this one weird form I need from the P.D. that no one seems to understand. Pray for the fundraising, and pray for our son – wherever he is – and the people keeping him for us.
  • Give. It feels awkward to say it, but there it is. I have 13 more of these sweet button sets that want to find jackets and bags to adorn this month.
  • Movie night. If you’re in the area and you want to help with the movie night, hit me up. Manual labor will be needed. 🙂


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