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National Adoption Month: The First Ask

3 November 2017

Turns out November is National Adoption Month. Quick update below, but first … I need to ask.

national adoption month

(Man Cub drew the panda. I know you thought it was me, but … art cred.)

Here’s the thing.

There are 30 days in November.

Could you spare $1 per day this month?

I wondered how many people would will be willing to mark National Adoption Month by sending $30 to help us bring our new little guy home.

Anything at all would be a huge blessing. We can’t really apply for grants until the home study is completed and approved, but, in the meantime, the finances are starting to crunch.

Anything at all would be a huge blessing, but 85 people who could share $30 would enable us to finalize the home study.

(Or 28 people who could share $100. #justsayin)

But that’s a huge number.

The goal in my head is 30.

30 people who could share $30 this month.

If you want to be one of them, you can:

  • Click on the image above to go to our page.
  • Hand it to us, if you see us IRL.
  • Hit me up privately for a mailing address.

If you can’t be one of those 30 people (or even if you can), could you spare 1 minute/day this month to say a quick prayer for us? Pray for wisdom and peace and finances.

Status Update: Paperwork and Home Studies

Still collecting paperwork, and I’m hitting a new kind of difficult lately. 

As in, the admin staff at the local P.D. don’t know how to run a statewide background check, and they sent me to the state police. And we need medical physicals, but they have to be certified, so I have to figure out how to bring a notary to a doctor’s appointment. 

I do have a lot of the paperwork collected, though, and almost everything now is hinging on the home study. We need the home study approved before we can finalize and submit paperwork, and before we can officially apply for grants. We have online classes to finish, a book to read, and one more autobiography to write.

And at least two home study meetings. The first one is tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

And we’re working on a fundraising event that will happen in December. Should be a rockin’ good time.

Stay tuned.

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