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21 November 2012

Well hey there, good lookin’. Welcome to Spits and Wiggles, the latest in the endless lemming march of Mommy Blogs!

Kick back and I’ll show you around. (This won’t take a minute … ’cause there isn’t much to show yet.) Then, we’ll talk about free stuff.

The Tour

There are a couple of posts below. I’ve been blogging to myself so you would have something to read when you got here. I know, I know. You’re welcome. 

The pages at the top are for your amusement. There’s the usual About page for those of you who don’t know me. The Comics page will continue to store the stick people comics that you weirdos seem to like for some reason. They won’t be on the Tumblr blog for much longer.

And to the right, you’ll see stuff you probably see on every blog. You can click a button to get updates sent right to your Inbox, hook up with me on some other social settings, and check out Mommy Blogs that are much better than this one. Tumblr will still be the keeper of the pithy daily updates until our little man is in our arms.

Free Stuff

Now, let’s talk about free stuff. I love free stuff. You love free stuff. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, when we’re obligated to be thankful for stuff, and you might as well have one (or two) more thing(s) to be thankful for, right? Let’s do it.

We’re gonna celebrate Thanksgiving, and close out our little launch week, by giving away some stuff tomorrow and Friday. I like to give away resources that I love, so we’ll do that. If you’re not a newish or expecting mommy, you may know one. And if you do, she wants this stuff.

Check back tomorrow for details. In the meantime, introduce yourself, say hi, tell us what you think.

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