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Adoption Update … ?

17 July 2018

“How’s everything going?”


adoption waiting


Our final paperwork is moving through offices in China. Still. We’re waiting for the Chinese government to approve our visit to come and pick up our son. They’ll send that approval to China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA, aka, “the Center”). That could happen any time up to the 25th.

Then, “up to three weeks” later (I’m not sure what the low end on that time estimate is.), we’ll get the official invitation from the CCCWA. Then we can book airfare and get visas.

So we’re waiting.


No one really likes waiting, right?


waiting period adoption


So I’m obsessively checking my email, hoping to see that notice that the paperwork has been sent to the CCCWA.

But even more, for now, I’m hoping to see a notice that a grant has been awarded. We’ve gotten several, “We regret to inform you …” emails and letters over the past couple weeks, but I have at least some hope for five applications that are still outstanding. They’re our last opportunities for substantial financial aid.

I hate the waiting. If I could board a plane tomorrow to go get him, I’d take out a new credit card or whatever just to make it happen.

But we need the time. For grant reviews and fundraising … and for a few things we need to put together at home … and for me to get work stuff transitioned to the noobs before I take leave.

But still.

The waiting.


Pray. Current prayer requests include:

  • Jude — It’s becoming more and more real to me that we’re about to put this kid through probably the most traumatic experience of his young life (that he’ll remember – I’m sure he doesn’t remember being abandoned at one month old). Please pray that God would prepare his heart and give us favor in his eyes.
  • The foster family — They’re very excited and very appreciative … but they’ve also raised this boy for four years and they love him. Pray comfort and peace and joy over them.
  • The paperwork — We’ve been drowning it in prayer for 11 months and we’re not about to get lazy about it now.
  • The money — God has a plan.
  • My Man Cub — He is mostly so so excited to have a brother … but he has also started to have the occasional moment when he asks me how it’s possible for me to love him the same and love Jude, or he asks if Jude will be better than him. We knew the reality of all those first sibling things would hit eventually, so we continue to pray for his little heart too.



We’re also hoping to find friends who will sponsor some of the crazy travel expenses we’re facing next. Once we get travel approval from the CCCWA, our agency starts booking consulate appointments and doctor appointments (in China) and hotels, etc.

They finalize our travel package invoice and it needs to be paid within 24 hours in order to make sure all those appointments get scheduled. And the remaining balance on my credit card won’t cover this one.

So we’re looking for sponsors who can give $30 or more this month, and we’ll write your name on an old-fashioned suitcase sticker!



I’ve been assembling our packing list (and a few things I know we’ll need when we get home) into an Amazon list (so I can redeem credit card reward points for Amazon gift cards *taps temple*). But when I joked about retailers not offering a “toddler/adoption registry,” someone got excited, which led to me explaining I already kind of have a list, which led to requests for the list.

So if you’re the type that likes really practical, hands-on stuff … knock yourself out. 😉


That’s it. Nothing terribly exciting, just waiting for someone, somewhere, to officially approve my family so I can get frantic again.

Thanks for going on the ride with me!


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  1. 17 July 2018 2:49 PM

    Really great to continually get these updates. I’m so excited for y’all!

  2. Krystal permalink
    17 July 2018 3:36 PM

    Praying everything falls into place the way our Heavenly Father has planned out for y’all. So very excited for you guys and believing all the grants will come to you! Xoxo

    • Lex permalink*
      17 July 2018 5:47 PM

      Thanks, lady! We so appreciate all your prayers!

  3. Grace permalink
    17 July 2018 3:56 PM

    Praying for ya’ll! Love hearing the updates every week 🙂

  4. Erika Whalen permalink
    17 July 2018 4:34 PM

    I’ve never been close with you or the rest of your family, but following along as you guys have been on this journey has been honestly incredible. I remember seeing the post about your adoption approval and I started to tear up in a Jewel while waiting in a checkout line. You have shown so much resilience and courage, and have inspired me. I’ll continue to pray for you and Tim, your two sons, and the future God has planned for you guys.

    • Lex permalink*
      17 July 2018 5:48 PM

      Thanks, lovely! That’s so nice to hear. ❤

  5. Casey permalink
    17 July 2018 8:33 PM

    I am just so very excited for you guys and can’t wait to get all our boys together to play and hang out together. What a beautiful, amazing, messy experience. I’m so thankful for a new friend to join our boys!

    • Lex permalink*
      18 July 2018 9:04 AM

      Thank you! Sounds like a great plan. 🙂

  6. Gloria permalink
    17 July 2018 9:05 PM

    I know this has been a long, amazing journey, but it’s getting close to the finish line. I can’t wait to meet Jude, and to watch him and Niah grow into brothers & best buddies. Continuing to pray for all aspects of this and for what God has in store for your future.

    • Lex permalink*
      18 July 2018 9:04 AM

      I keep feeling like it’s close to the finish line, and then it gets pushed back … 🙂 But it really is getting there, and it’s been crazy awesome. Thanks so much for all your prayers! ❤

  7. Jennifer permalink
    17 July 2018 9:46 PM

    11 months?! Is that ALL it has been?! Hard to believe it’s all happened so quickly (seems quick on my end, LOL) A little more patience, grasshopper. I just can’t wait for you guys to go get him!

    • Lex permalink*
      18 July 2018 9:05 AM

      It has been really quick. I really have no excuse to complain about waiting! 🙂 But still … Wah.

  8. Bianca permalink
    19 July 2018 5:05 AM

    It’s hard to anticipate just how much life will change … And I know you’re eager to start this life you’ve prayed and prayed for. You have a brave, strong heart. You all do. I admire you and know God will bless this transition for everyone involved.
    What a glorious journey.
    Love you all!

    • Lex permalink*
      19 July 2018 3:01 PM

      *pretending to hug you* ❤

  9. 19 July 2018 11:59 AM

    We love your updates! You are doing amazing!!

  10. Rhose Boyer permalink
    20 July 2018 5:29 AM

    I seriously love your heart to adopt Jude. Yeah, waiting is not fun. I remember whenever I was pregnant with Isaiah, and high risked the entire pregnancy. I was in and out of the hospital. I was ready to have him, even though he wasn’t ready to be born yet. Everybody told me to “Hang in there.” I came to hate the phrase. I swore that if I hear one more person to say that to me, I might just slap that person. Lol! The waiting really felt like eternity. But boy, it was worth it. I sincerely rejoice that you and Tim decided to adopt a child. Yeah, unfortunately, there’s a lot of hoopla that you’ll have to go through. BUT ” Hang in there” 😄. I love reading your updates. Sorry, I haven’t been leaving comments. 😏 You guys rock! ♥️

    • Lex permalink*
      21 July 2018 9:36 AM

      Thanks! My favorite lately is when people tell me that our adoption is going so fast. It is. Statistically. But oh my word it does feel fast in the day-to-day. 😉 ❤

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