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On Cancer and Food

4 March 2014

Ya. We watched it.

And yesterday was Day 1 of a 10-day trial of a whole foods/vegan diet. We’re trying it. We’ll see.

I covet your prayers.

And your recipes.

Bear with me if I get a little cranky. Asking Husband to stop eating meat, and me to stop eating refined sugar at the same time could be asking for trouble. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Part of me is leery because I know there are always two sides, and documentaries are rarely – if ever – completely unbiased. I know.

We’re testing the waters.

Anybody seen this? Thoughts? Any vegans-for-health-reasons out there? How did the change affect you? Yummy recipes?

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  1. 4 March 2014 8:56 PM

    Lex – way to go on committing to a healthier way of eating. I did see that movie and can definitely see the value in eating more plant-based meals – vegetables are more powerful than medicine. From my nutritionist perspective, while I don’t necessarily advocate one “right” way of eating (I think some people do well on meat, while others thrive on more grains), I do think that cutting out processed foods and refined sugars will benefit everyone.

    I know how difficult it can be to avoid the evils of the Standard American Diet, but giving it a go for 10 days is a great way to see how you feel body reacts to just real food. It will also help you to understand your relationship with food a little better!

    I’m rooting for you and can’t wait to hear about the journey!

    • Lex permalink*
      7 March 2014 1:17 AM

      Thanks! I’m pretty excited about it. We were surprised at dinner this evening that it’s already been four days. I think we expected it to be harder. 😉

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