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The Definition of Irony

11 February 2014

… is that I sat down at my desk this morning with a donut in my hand and saw a Tweet with a link that indicated the interview I did with my nutritionist-mom-blog-friend posted on her site yesterday. Fail.

In my defense, the baby’s molar from hell is giving him a really hard time this morning, and we’re out of oatmeal at the house so I just had a kale smoothie for breakfast, and after I dropped El Meatball off at his friend’s house I had to run back in for my wallet. All of which is to say this morning was crazy and I was really hungry, so I scrounged a couple dollars together for a donut on my way to the office.

Don’t judge me.


I really like Sarah and her blog. She’s a nutritionist, but she’s also a working mom with a toddler so she gets it. She doesn’t throw down impossible recipes or make me feel like a terrible mom for occasionally feeding my baby inorganic veggies. When I told her I like Taco Bell, she agreed. I like her.

She’s starting a new series spotlighting real moms who are trying to feed their families real food, and when she emailed me about participating, I was pretty sure she’d OD-ed on quinoa or something. But I answered her questions and told her I wouldn’t be offended if she didn’t want to use – or at least didn’t want to start with – mine.

But she did. So you should go check it out here.

Some of my other faves from Sarah:

Clicky some things. Leave her some comment love on our interview – Tell her what a fraud I am, or that yes – duh – everyone packs left-overs like that. 😉

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  1. 12 February 2014 8:39 AM

    Lol – Lex, I just saw this now and you had me laughing out loud. No judging here. Trust me, I chose you BECAUSE you are real and eat donuts for breakfast once in a while. As parents, we are all doing the best that we can and we all have areas where we feel we could learn more and get better. And by simply thinking about what you feed Meatball (and reading about it!), you’re taking action, which is what counts.
    Besides, you’re talking to the mom who stuck her toddler in front of the TV for 30 minutes yesterday morning just so she could hear herself think for a brief moment! I need to work on that.

    Thanks again for the interview – it was great!

    • Lex permalink*
      15 February 2014 4:18 PM

      Thanks for being chill about my sugar addiction. 😉 Loved doing the interview. Thanks for having us!

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