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Tempter Tantrums

29 January 2014

You know ’em. What do you do? What did you do? My kid’s not the only one who actually hurts himself occasionally, right? And I’m not the only parent who doesn’t feel bad when that happens, right?

Did I tell you about the time I felt a different kind of bad about his temper tantrum?

We had a busy day. Surprise surprise, and he went about two and a half hours longer between nursing than he ever has. (Yes, he still nurses. Judge me.) And I started to feel it about an hour before I went to get him, but that’s happened before, and it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Later that night it was a big deal, and I texted a friend:

Me: Oh. My. Word. He didn’t nurse for six and a half hours today, and even though he’s nursed twice in the past two hours, I feel like my right arm is going to fall off.

Friend: Feeling a little full?

Me: Like there’s a boulder in my tiny little boob.

An hour later, the Meatball and I were getting ready to go to church for a Small Group – partially for the Small Group and partially so sick Husband could rest, and he was characteristically unhappy about having to put his coat on. (His super awesome coat. It’s like the kid has zero style. I don’t get it.)

So I sat him in my lap like I always do, wiggled his arms through his sleeves like I always do, and then he arched his back like he always does and BAM – angry toddler reverse head-butt to the already cripplingly painful boob.

Me: Aaand he just head-butted the terrible tiny. Mid-temper tantrum. I am dying.

Later, there was a conversation about a plugged milk duct that I’ll spare you, and 24 hours later we were back to normal.

But the temper tantrums

Make it stop. Somebody? Anybody? What did you do? What works? What doesn’t?

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