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30 New Things Round-Up

2 December 2013

My strategy for surviving winter this year – without succumbing to the melancholy of that viscous grayness that clings to everything – is 30 New Things.

The original idea is here, but it’s basically this: I’ve established a challenge for myself in order to strategically avoid winter. It’s potentially brilliant. The challenge?

I want to eat 30 new foods, visit 30 new places, and make 30 new things.

And November is generally considered autumn, but I included it because it started out fairly bleak, and it turns out I was right. It’s snowed several times already. The nasty white stuff is clinging to the sidewalks as I type.

In the same spirit, my challenge is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Four down, 96 to go, but I’m inspired and I’m learning.


Turns out Al’s Cafe in downtown Elgin is not really a cafe, but they do have amazing malts.

I also learned how – and why – to adjust the tension on my sewing machine, and I have a better idea for my next attempt at a bunting.


The Fiesta Nacho Pizza from My Pizza Heaven would be famous if this were a college town. Yes, it’s topped with fresh lettuce, Nacho Cheese Doritos and buffalo sauce. I wish I could say Husband and I didn’t eat it all in one night, but Santa is coming soon.

Also, Mexican snacks always catch me by surprise. In a delicious way.

And as though I wasn’t already feeling like I need to pick up the pace a bit, Raynna is kicking my butt. These are a few of my favorites:


She also had to go and point out that 30 new things in three categories is pretty much one new thing per day.

But I’m down for it. I need it. This winter is going to be an exciting time.

You in? If you haven’t started yet, you’re just in time. Use #30NewThings on your social networks to play along. We want to see what you’re up to, share inspiration, and cheer each other on through the bleak (post-Christmas, especially) winter! If you’re blogging it, leave us a link in the Comments!

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