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11 Month Outtakes

26 November 2013

How did this happen?

Outtakes 11 Months

He’s enormous. He’s a toddler.

He has opinions. He tries to throw temper tantrums. He unrolls the toilet paper. He’s getting molars.

And now I’m starting to think about a birthday party. Babies don’t have birthdays. Something’s not right.

I have to say, as far as knee-high people go, I think I got a pretty good one. He likes to sweep the floors. He likes to snuggle when he wakes up from a nap. He gives great kisses, and he has a hilarious sense of humor. Great taste in literature, sick dance moves, and he’s pretty awesome at hide-and-go-seek (the seeking part at least, he kind of sucks at hiding).

So far, he’s my favorite.

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