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How to Win at Trunk or Treat

30 October 2013

Paint a beard on your cute baby and borrow as much of your cousin’s hunting gear as you can pack in your minivan.



Aaand have an awesome husband that will talk to kids in a southern accent, and help them shoot a Nerf rifle, and blow duck calls, and say “Happy, happy, happy” a million times, for two straight hours. He’s pretty awesome.

The whole thing was pretty great. Lots of costumes and games, the petting zoo was cuteness overload – food, face-painting, fire trucks, bouncy castles.

And a baby with a beard

TOT Niah 1TOT Niah 2TOT Niah 3TOT Niah 4

Husband strung up rubber duckies, and applied camo duct tape to a plastic gun (it discharged shells and everything – come on). I think he started by having each kid blow a duck call before they shot, but then the line got too long. Good, clean fun.

TOT Dynasty 2TOT Dynasty 3

And El Meatball got goats and both of his grandmas on the same afternoon. It was a good day.

TOT Zoo 1TOT Niah 5

Closing epic-ness:

TOT Dynasty

How does your family celebrate fall? Any fun traditions?

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