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Hello, New England

16 September 2013

We’re on vacation this week.

Vay. Cay. Tion.

There will be substance this week, but right now I’m at the end of the first day that we didn’t drive at least seven hours. All my brain can handle right now is a photo-dump.

We found a little park across the street from our hotel in Pennsylvania. No swings.Little boy blue – We found a little park across the street from our dive hotel in Pennsylvania. No swings, though.

East Coast 2Birthday pie – Peanut butter cream pie at Perkins. I’m 30 – I do what I want.

East Coast 4We got in around Sunday, early afternoon, and promptly hit up some lunch via sea-side shack. Literally sea-side. (Also literally a shack.) So tasty.

East Coast 5Monday morning – Our host took us to some beautiful locales, and explained every plant, animal, shell, and property along the way. So awesome. We pretty much got a private historical/ecological tour of the area. 

East Coast 6Beaches just littered with shells. As a Midwesterner, I was stunned. The New Englander just trampled over them.

East Coast 7Marshes and coves and trampling shells

East Coast 8I didn’t desaturate this one at all. Just a gray morning in Rhode Island. Beautiful. A little melancholy, and beautiful.

East Coast 9He loves it. And I love him all the more for it.

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