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20 July 2013

10 Techniques to Shape Children’s Behavior {Dr. Sears}
Praise is a valuable shaper; children want to please you and keep your approval. Yet, you can easily overdo it. Praise the behavior, not the person. Praises like “good girl” or “good boy” risk misinterpretation and are best reserved for training pets. These labels are too heavy for some children. (“If I don’t do well, does that mean I’m bad?”)

Babies Don’t Manipulate – They Communicate {The Natural Parent Magazine}
And hear this well, parents, your relationship with your teenager is being established now, while your child is still a toddler. Your discipline issues with your nine-year-old are being minimized or intensified right now, while he is reaching out to you in infancy. Preschooler’s tantrums are being moderated or exacerbated at this moment by your response or lack of response to your baby’s cries.

Dustin Hoffman Explains What Women Already Know

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