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25 April 2013

I’m shameless and I don’t care who knows it.

Babble is running a Best Of Blogs contest-that’s-not-a-contest-wink-wink. It’s not a contest ’cause I don’t actually win anything. It is a contest because the favorites get posts published. And published would be cool.

They have it all divided up into different categories, and there are submission forms to fill out for nominating posts. I’ve already done all that for you. I know, I know …

Since it’s not really a contest, there are no winners generated by popular vote, but the more Likes and Tweets and +1’s and Pins and comments on a post, the more attention it’s going to get, honestly, from the editors who will choose what gets published.

Here’s how you spread the love:

  • Click on the links below for the posts you liked. (If you haven’t read them, or don’t remember, you can type the name of the post into the Search box at the bottom of the sidebar, or follow the link from Babble back here to the specific post.)
  • On the Babble page, click on as many of the social networking icons as you care to, to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. You can also leave a Comment on the page via Facebook.

Enough talk, on to the clicking. I picked five of my favorites. Pick your favorite, click on them all, share your favorite few, whatever. Thank you in advance for each and every click:

IMG_6192In the Giving Birth category
Labor Fail, Part 2
Then I started to wonder if I direct my bowel movements properly in normal circumstances. They said it every time, and after several rounds of this, part of me wanted to shout back, “I freaking get it! I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying! This is just how I poo!”

IMG_6197In the Giving Birth category
I Want To Remember Our First Moment Alone
I want to remember the serene stillness of that quiet, dark hospital room, and the intoxicating feeling of your warm, new skin finally pressed against mine – … like you were perfectly at home somewhere you’d never really been, perfectly trusting someone you’d never really known. 

IMG_6594In the Those First Twelve Weeks category
The Day I Almost Died
I stood there and surveyed the scene briefly. Dead minivan. Murderous sidewalk, and I had locked myself and my four-week-old infant son out of the house in twelve degree weather.

IMG_6507In the Those First Twelve Weeks category
Twas Yesterday Morning
Twas yesterday morning and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The socks were all flung in the corner with care, In hopes that I wouldn’t get mad they were there.

IMG_6610In the Those First Twelve Weeks category
Will You Love Me?
But early in the mornings, as Husband gently closes the door behind him and the sun starts to paint the sky blue between the bedroom blinds, I watch my little man sleep, inches from my face, and I whisper, “Do you love me? Will you love me?”

Thanks a bunch for any and all of your Likes and Tweets and Pins and all the rest!

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