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16 March 2013

If you’re checking blogs on a Saturday, you’re probably bored. (Or sitting with a nursing/sleeping/nursing baby, which is usually my story.) Lemme help you out:

Excessive Crying Harmful To Babies {peaceful parenting and Dr. William Sears}
Infant developmental specialist Dr. Michael Lewis presented research findings at an American Academy of Pediatrics meeting, concluding that “the single most important influence of a child’s intellectual development is the responsiveness of the mother to the cues of her baby.”

9 Reasons Not To Carry Your Baby Facing Out {boba}
Placing an infant in a front facing carrier stretches the naturally convex rounded curve of his spine into a hollow back position.  With nothing to cling to, weak abdominal muscles, and retracted shoulders, the infant’s pelvis tilts backwards and is forced to not only carry weight of his own body but also to absorb the force of every step that the carrying individual takes – all on his little, compromised spine.

Those Hot Pink Jeggings {Kelle Hampton}
“I’m going to die in this dressing room,” I thought to myself while simultaneously noticing that the Universe was mocking me with the presence of a giant mirror. As if I was begging to see what I looked like half naked, postpartum, calves shackled together by fuchsia jegging handcuffs.

The Happy Secret To Better Work {Shawn Achor}

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  1. 21 March 2013 1:58 PM

    I love the article about not letting your baby cry. Breaks my heart to hear of a mom leaving her baby to cry

    • Lex permalink
      21 March 2013 3:26 PM

      Right? The worst part is you know most of their hearts are breaking too, listening to their babies cry, but they do it because they’ve been told it’s best for the baby. 😦

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