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Rubber, Meet Road

14 March 2013

IMAC Note copyToday is Husband’s last day of work.


He’s been working as a private contractor with this company, so, technically, he was not an employee.

For something like three years.

There was talk a few months ago of actually hiring him. Then they decided to hire someone else instead, so they wouldn’t need him after February.

February 28 (no kidding) the boss asked him to stay on for three more weeks to help with some work they got.

Pull out your calendars and count with me. That was two weeks ago. Not three.

Yesterday morning, he went in and was greeted by a note on his bench. The bench that he’s worked at on an hourly wage for the last three years with no raise, no benefits, no paid vacation, no formal training for the work he was given. (Occasionally, a little was added to a check here or there when we did take a vacation, or around the holidays, but always on a whim.)

Classy, guys. Really classy. 

I knew all of February that the job was ending. And I’ve known for the last couple (where “couple” = two, not three) weeks that the job was ending. And we’ve updated his LinkedIn resume, and we’ve faxed a couple printed resumes, and we’ve gotten some tips from friends, and he’s filled out some online applications.

And I’ve been reminding myself for six weeks that these guys with their graph paper notepads are not our providers. We know the One Who Provides for His people, and we know we’ve been faithful on our end.

I know that, just as He is never late, neither is He ever early. (Which, I’m not gonna lie, is a little trying. I get the faith thing, but once in a while it would be nice.) I know that I’m the one who has been praying that if there’s a way for me to cut my paid hours so I can concentrate more on being a Mama, then I’d like that – so maybe I’m the cause of all this in the first place.

I know that there’s a plan, and I remind myself that He has never, ever let us down in the past. I remember our house, our baby, our minivan – all perfectly timed miracles.

And I know that what I’ve spent the past six weeks teaching high school students, I’ve also been teaching to myself: Wait. And wait well, because it’s not really about us anyway.

So we’re waiting to see what God does. And after seven years of this kind of marriage, I can honestly say I’m pretty calm about the whole thing. I know God will provide. I know His timing is perfect. I’m interested to see how it plays out this time. I’m letting go.

That said, who doesn’t like some encouraging story-swapping? When was the last time the rubber met your road? How did the last minute put your faith to the test, and how did God’s faithfulness show up? Tell us about it.

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  1. jmiszczak permalink
    14 March 2013 9:28 AM

    Sorry to hear about this. 😦 Not cool. Believing God has something even better for Tim. It’s Faith week too, so though it’s hard walking in faith it won’t disappoint. God always provides. Looking forward to the testimony that will come through this. In the mean time I will be praying for you. .

    • Lex permalink
      14 March 2013 12:49 PM

      Thanks for the prayers! We’re not really worried about it. It’s lame the way it ended, but I know there’s a bigger plan afoot. 😉

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