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Our Weekend – Innovation and Love

11 March 2013

He’s been doing this thing that we choose to interpret as “kisses.”

Because, lately, if I ask for kisses, and lean in to peck his cheek, he opens wide and turns his head to press his lips against my face. I pretty much love it.

Saturday morning, we were being a lazy little family in bed. The Meatball was stirring, and his left hand found my face during his morning wake-up stretches. He clenched my cheek, like he usually does, and I explained, “You found Mommy’s face!”

All at once his eyes opened, he turned toward me, and he rolled himself onto his side to plant a big, sloppy open mouth on my face.

The last little piece of my heart melted.

Maybe he was just trying to eat me, but I don’t care. I’m calling it love. Zombie-baby-love, maybe, but so be it.


Meatball and his “brown auntie,” as she calls herself, had some bonding time.

March - N&N

And in an effort to trick him out of pooping in the bathtub, we thought we’d warm up his butt in the sink. Didn’t work. He’s morally opposed to pooping in the sink.

March - Bath

And then we hung with Mister Jeff (pronounced, “Misser Jeff”) for his birthday, and found a nice little arm rest in the process. Too cool for school

March - N&J

How was your weekend?

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  1. 11 March 2013 2:44 PM

    We need more pictures :)…

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