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Free Spoken Word Video: “Scandal In Bethlehem”

15 December 2014


I’m cross-blogging ’cause I really want to share this with everybody.

The whole story and the video is over on The Esther Project.

Short version: I wrote a spoken word piece for our church’s Christmas Eve service a few years ago, and it went decently well. I woke up about a month ago determined to make a video out of it, so I could offer it for free to those small local churches with no media budget.

It turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be, and I learned a whole lot in the process, but that’s another time.

Hop over to the other blog and check it out, and please forward it on to any church staffer you know who might find it useful. I know it’s a little late in the game for a lot of churches, but I also know there are those smaller congregations who don’t have solid plans yet. (I talked to one last week.)

Resting in the Process

11 December 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve started baking bread. I made a quiet, inner vow to never go back to store-bought bread (“quiet” and “inner” because I’ve learned that “never” is an almost impossible concept), but only partly because of the money it saves us, the preservatives we’re not eating, and the way it makes the house smell.

The other part (and some days it’s the main part) of the promise I made to myself is just for myself: because of the process. Because it seems like I need to make a new loaf of bread every week, and every week the process reminds me of the importance of rest.

Because first you have to proof yeast. (You don’t have to, but I got dry, active yeast because it was a better bang for my buck.) Stir yeast in hot water, with a pinch of sugar, and let it sit in a warm place for at least 15 minutes.

0 Bread 1 Yeast

I can at least mix the other ingredients together while that’s happening, but as there are only four other ingredients, it doesn’t take 15 whole minutes to put them all in a bowl – even when I augment the wheat flour with some freshly ground flax seed. I have to wait.

As soon as it’s done, and I get everything mixed up, the dough needs to rest before I can knead it. 15 minutes on the counter. Just waiting.  Read more…

October Through the iPhone

10 November 2014

October Collage 1

Et tu, October?

That first picture is my new favorite of the Man Cub. It also kind of sums up October for us. I think I had that exact expression on my face most of the time: that, “ID even K what I’m looking at right now.” I’d write about how weird October was, and how appropriate the dinosaur costume and the inappropriate tool in his hand are … but I think I’ve completely lost sight of “normal” anyway. Every month I think, “Well that was weird, but we’ll be back to normal soon.”

What is normal?  Read more…


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